The NEO project is coordinated by NEO SCRL/CVBA which is the legal representative of the Brussels-Capital Region and the City of Brussels.

This legal framework and the defined capital of 335 million euros illustrates the public authorities’ commitment to construct an ambitious, credible and long-lasting project.

The NEO company guarantees control of the project by the two public institutions and good management of public money and the community.

Public/private partnership

The whole project calls for a total investment (public and private) of approximately 800 million euros. NEO aims to be an example of modernity with intelligent and respectful cooperation between the public and private sectors.

In this regard, the signature of the NEO I contract (City of Brussels and the Unibail-Rodamco/CFE/Besix consortium) provides all the guarantees of an optimal solution. The public and private investments are complementary and pertinent.

Public authorities invest 335 million euros for the public spaces, green areas, mobility, sports park, swimming pool and convention centre.

The private partnership is responsible for the shopping centre, housing and leisure areas.

Public/private partnership

Philosophy of the project

Serious thought on development of the Heysel Plateau began in 2009.

For the Brussels authorities, it was unthinkable to leave the Heysel site as it was. The site is unattractive aesthetically but still attracts 5 million visitors a year. Under the shadow of Belgium’s most visited tourist monument, it was clear that this state of affairs could not continue. The Atomium and Brussels Expo deserve better!

The basic idea is to create a convention centre, worthy of the name, in the capital of Europe. But Brussels’ quest for international influence unleashed a stronger desire: to construct a totally new neighbourhood in order to build a new life together. The 70 hectares available represent an exceptional opportunity to breathe new life in the heart of Europe. The opportunity to build housing, green spaces, leisure areas, a convivial shopping centre, a sports park, a convention centre, and more.

…The NEO project was born.

The team

  • Henri Dineur

    Henri Dineur


  • Raphaël Pollet

    Raphaël Pollet

    Project manager

  • Thomas Simon

    Thomas Simon

    Project manager – Secretary of the Board of Directors

  • Latifa Maouane

    Latifa Maouane

    Administrative assistant