A disparate, fragmented site

The history of the Heyzel combines the general interest with leisure pursuits. National icons such as the Atomium, Brussels Expo and the King Baudouin Stadium can be found there.

At present, however, the site is very fragmented and poorly embedded in its surroundings. There is neither a visible link with the ring road nor easy access from the east and west. The plateau itself is dominated by enormous parking spaces that have destroyed the park-like nature of the public space.

The tram and metro for their part bar access to the heart of the site. The link between the park and Avenue Houba de Strooper and its environs likewise leaves much to be desired. Consequently, the potential of the Houba-Brugmann and Roi Baudouin metro stations has not been fully tapped. The existing layout consists largely of a disparate, fragmented built environment, lacking any functional harmony.

the Heyzel