A meeting place for Europe

The Heyzel site is one of the most noteworthy locations in the Brussels metropolitan area. It is both an urban entity and a functional complex. It plays an important social, cultural and economic role for the whole of Belgium and well beyond our borders. After the city centre, the Heyzel is the main draw of the conurbation, owing to the presence of key operations such as Brussels Expo, the Stadium, the Atomium and other tourist attractions.

The Heyzel has been an arena of historical events throughout the past nine decades. The site has hosted many major international events and programmes, which has led to a never-ending process of construction and demolition, additions and removals. The result is a site showing signs of growth as well as decline.

Now, at the start of the 21st century, it is high time to consider a better-defined and more sustainable future for the site. For the first time since the Universal Exposition of 1958, the Heyzel is the subject of a master-plan predicated on a clear vision bringing together Brussels, Belgium and Europe on a single site.

The aim of the vision underpinning NEO is to lay the necessary foundations to strengthen the role of the Heyzel, revitalise it and give it a framework for sustainable development.