A unified scheme

The master-plan consists of a unified town planning scheme comprising six strands:


  • “CompactXL”
    the development of two compact urban clusters to the left and right of the Boulevard du Centenaire, linked to Brussels Expo. These two clusters, around the Stadium and Trade Mart, combine a mixed town planning scheme with highly pleasing architecture. They form a well-defined outer limit, their profile extending towards the park bordered by the wedge-shaped building.
  • “Green-blue framework”
    a solid, eco-friendly structure for the green and blue networks of the local area and the city. A new parkland area to the west of the site links the existing parks (of Osseghem and Laeken). An overall waterway scheme provides a link between the Molenbeek and the canal area.
  • “Wide avenue; slow traffic”
    optimum access to the recreational facilities thanks to slow traffic. The existing cycleways will be redesigned to run the length and breadth of the site. The ‘Grande Verte’ route will be extended within the park by the ‘Petite Verte’. And the connection between Car Park C and the site will be upgraded, perhaps by reinstalling a cable-car and placing a tram stop on Chaussée Romaine, near the back entrance to Brussels Expo.


  • “A top-quality public transport terminus”
    the possibility and convenience of arriving by public transport will be greatly improved by integrating and uniting the metro and tram, in combination with car parks.
  • “Ease of access by car”
    connections with the R0 7bis and the A12 will be upgraded. The new underground car parks of the western cluster will lead directly to these exits, thereby reducing the pressure on exit no. 8 while relieving the junction between Avenue des Magnolias and Avenue Houba de Strooper. The car parks and parking spaces lining the roadways will disappear, and the plan provides for some of them to be relocated underground.
  • “Harmonised planning”
    the realisation of an internationally appealing mixed-used urban plan, complementary to Brussels city centre and to the current operations at the site. NEO reinforces the site’s position as an international tourist draw and a regional centre for recreation and commerce.