The reconstruction and revitalisation of the Heysel Plateau will be founded on strong principles. The City of Brussels wanted the following guiding principles to flow through a formal charter that will be respected in the context of this development:


  • An ethical approach
    The principles of good governance will be strictly adhered to: objectivity and transparency of procedures, organisation of architectural competitions and constructive dialogue with locals.
  • An area based on sustainable development
    Within the context of the major challenge presented by protection of the environment and the necessary reduction in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, this project will be an example in terms of sustainable development. Mobility around and within the site will be our core consideration.
  • Transparent communication
    Information, transparency and consultation will be continuously impressed upon the project leaders.
  • A human project
    This new area of Brussels will become first and foremost a place of well-being, living together, dialogue and conviviality.
  • An aesthetic project
    The project is based on a modern design for Brussels and on an architectural ambition. The project must outlive the people who shape it. Everything will be implemented such that future generations can be proud of it. We want all craft skills to contribute to the aesthetics of the project.


  • A modern vision for the well-being of all
    Our ambitions will be fulfilled through constant communication by all project participants. The well-being of the people and those who will be using this facility will be an ongoing consideration.
  • A business model
    The project represents an asset for the economic development of Brussels. It will help with economic recovery. The business model that is implemented will be reliable, concerned with minimising the recourse to public funds and with maintaining well-balanced partnerships.
  • A centre for job creation
    This project will provide new goals for Brussels in terms of medium and long-term employment.
    As well as being an important economic centre, the project will be able to provide many jobs, both in its set-up phase and when it becomes fully operational.
  • A dynamic, harmonious, Brussels-focused yet international area
    The new area will embody the positive image of Brussels and its international calling. The relationship between accommodation, economic development, as well as a strong leisure and tourism dimension, ensures the harmony of the revitalisation project.
  • A demand for excellence
    The enthusiasm as well as the skills of all project leaders is focused on absolute professional excellence and the participants’ adherence to completion timescales and performance.