Economic dynamic

Why build a new economic dynamic?

The strength of the NEO project lies, inter alia, in the fact that the Heyzel Plateau site already attracts more than 5,000,000 visitors per year.

The Atomium, Brussels Expo, Trade Mart and the cinema are all assets that we intend to bolster.

The stated desire of the authorities is both to establish new attractions (congress centre, shopping mall, housing, green spaces, etc.) and to support existing facilities.

The NEO project entails developing new facilities but will do everything possible to ensure that the economic pillars already in place are optimised. This applies in particular to Brussels Expo and Trade Mart.

The new economic dynamics of the site will be fully complementary with the activities of the Trade Mart. The synergy will be developed between the economic actors of the Heysel Plateau.

At least 500 hotel rooms are envisaged to complete this economic regeneration. They will improve hospitality for visitors to the congress centre, but also for visitors to Brussels Expo.

Finally, restaurant and café services will likewise be stepped up, both near the shopping mall and opposite the Atomium, the full length of the housing development alongside the new park.

We estimate that 2,300 direct jobs will come on stream for the shopping mall alone. The entire project – its design, execution and implementation – will lead to the creation of several thousand jobs. Nor has commerce in the city centre been overlooked: a plan to make it more appealing will be unveiled by the end of this year.

Furthermore, the project adds to the larger dynamic of a touristic development on a regional scale as the first vector of new-employment in Brussels. Recent research estimates a new-employment potential for Brussels of 45.000 direct and indirect jobs in this sector during the next ten years.